Edythe Weeks

Edythe Weeks, Northern Arizona University

Edythe Weeks is a returning lecturer for the Ethnic Studies Program at Northern Arizona University. She is an author, professor and Fulbright Specialist who has been undertaking short-term collaborative projects with counterparts Mexico and Russia. Irrespective of the location or subject matter, Weeks aims to prepare future scholars fo emerging trends towards future development and colonization scenarios related to outer space and the polar regions. Her aim is to enable people to apply past human social and behavioral practices, to shape a new future. Her pedagogical approach relies on techniques borrowed from ethnic studies, political science, international relations and law. This interdisciplinary approach can build international and intercultural competence for 21st century emerging colonization trends: outer space, the Arctic region and Antarctica. Selected by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, for Fulbright Specialist appointments in Political Science at the University of Guadalajara and University of Veracruz, Mexico (2016) to engage with the people of Mexico, during the 67th International Astronautical Federation Congress in Mexico to heighten the level of awareness and knowledge regarding space law, policy and the globally significant event. Weeks also completed a Fulbright Specialist appointment at Omsk F.M. Dostoevsky State University in the Omsk Region of Siberia in 2015. Weeks earned a PhD in Political Science in 2006 from Northern Arizona University´s Department of Politics & International Affairs. Her dissertation entitled The Politics of Space Law in a Post-Cold War Era: Understanding Regime Change, involved an interdisciplinary analysis linking space activities and space law, to the field of international relations. Weeks also earned a Juris Doctors from the University of Missouri – Columbia, School of Law in 1987.

Research projects/ interests
  • Colonization and Development of Remote Territories: Outer Space & the Polar Regions
  • Ethnic Relations
  • International Relations
  • Politics & Law – Political Science
For publications visit: https://www.amazon.com/Relations-Matter-United-States-World-ebook/dp/B07B1N95W6 or get in touch.

Keywords: Space Law, Outer Space Development, International Relations, Race and Ethnic Relations, Social Justice, Development, Colonization, Outer Space Treaty, Antarctica Treaty, Law of the Sea Treaty, Antarctic Tourism, Values, Colonization and Development of the Polar Regions, Legal Politics of International Commons Territories


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