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Yliana Rodriguez

Yliana Rodriguez, Universidad de la República Yliana Rodriguez holds an undergraduate degree is Linguistics from Universidad de la República (Uruguay), where she was also awarded an MA in Human Sciences for which she focused on South American language contact. At present (2018), she is a PhD researcher at Leiden University Centre for Linguistics and an […]

Yelena Yermakova

Yelena Yermakova, University of Oslo Yelena Yermakova holds an undergraduate degree is in Political Science from UCLA. She was recently awarded an MPA from Cornell University where she focused on the the Arctic region and the obstacles it faces in light of climate change. Currently (2018), as part of her Doctoral dissertation, she is developing a series of essays on […]

Miranda Nieboer

Miranda Nieboer, University of Tasmania/ IMAS Miranda Nieboer holds a Masters in Architecture from ArtEZ, Academy of Architecture in Arnhem (The Netherlands) and is currently working on an interdisciplinary PhD in Antarctic Interiors. Her research investigates the density, intensity and vitality of Antarctic spatialities. Research projects/ interests extreme environments shifting boundaries heterogeneous space embodied perception […]