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Katie Marx

Katie Marx, University of Tasmania     Katie is a PhD candidate at the University of Tasmania studying inclusive community engagement within the ‘Gateway’ or ‘Custodial’ cities. With a background in social services and participatory design, Katie aims to explore how community development approaches can be applied in an Antarctic context to foster diverse and collaborative […]

Oran Young Awarded IASC Medal

IASC Medal 2018: Dr. Oran Young The IASC Medal is awarded in recognition of exceptional and sustained contributions to the understanding of the Arctic. This year, IASC recognizes Dr. Oran Young’s Outstanding Achievement to Understand Arctic Institutional Dynamics, International Regimes, and Environmental Policy. Dr. Young is professor emeritus and co-director of the Program on Governance for […]

Gabriela Roldan

Gabriela Roldan, Gateway Antarctica, University of Canterbury Gabriela Roldan is a PhD candidate at Gateway Antarctica, the Centre for Antarctic Research and Studies at the University of Canterbury (NZ). Gabriela’s work focuses on the Antarctic Gateway cities of: Cape Town (South Africa), Christchurch (New Zealand), Hobart (Australia), Punta Arenas (Chile) and Ushuaia (Argentina) and the […]

Juan José Lucci

Juan José Lucci, Agenda Antártica Juan José Lucci graduated with a degree in Political Science and International Studies from Torcuato Di Tella University and obtained his master’s degree in economics from San Andrés University. Since 2008, he has been an advisor within the National Congress of Argentina, serving on both the Foreign Affairs and Natural […]

Alan Hemmings

Alan Hemmings, Independent Scholar in Perth (Western Australia) &  University of Canterbury Alan D. Hemmings is a Perth-based specialist on Antarctic governance and an Adjunct Associate Professor at Gateway Antarctica Centre for Antarctic Studies and Research at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. His Antarctic experience includes time south with the British, French and New […]

Nils Vanstappen

Nils Vanstappen, University of Leuven   Nils Vanstappen is a PhD student in Law at the KU Leuven. He completed his studies at the same university, writing his master’s thesis on the topic of jurisdiction over Antarctica’s continental shelf. At the KU Leuven, Nils works at the Centre for Global Governance studies, where he is […]

Jane Verbitsky

Jane Verbitsky, Auckland University of Technology Dr Jane Verbitsky is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader Conflict Resolution in the School of Social Sciences & Public Policy at AUT in Auckland. Her interests are focused particularly on Antarctic politics and governance, trans-national policy within the ATS, regime efficacy, and Antarctica’s status as a commons area. […]

David Walton

David Walton, British Antarctic Survey Professor David Walton has been a scientist with the British Antarctic Survey for more than 40 years and has visited most parts of Antarctica. Professor Walton has written and edited six books on research in Antarctica, almost 200 peer reviewed scientific papers and 300 other publications including editorial, reviews, and […]

Klaus Dodds

Klaus Dodds, Royal Holloway University of London Klaus Dodds is a professor of Geopolitics at the Royal Holloway University of London. His particular interests lie in the areas of geopolitics and security, media/popular culture and the international governance of the Antarctic and the Arctic, and he has published a number of monographs and edited books including […]

Gabriela Gomez Fell

Gabriela Gomez Fell, Lincoln University Gabriela Gomez Fell is a Masters student at Lincoln University, New Zealand. She grew up in Punta Arenas, a gateway city to Antarctica, which gave her the opportunity to meet explorers and scientists from an early age. Their stories and images enticed her to get involved in Antarctic conservation. Gabriela […]

Anne-Marie Brady

Anne-Marie Brady, University of Canterbury Professor Anne-Marie Brady is the founding editor and Editor-in-chief of The Polar Journal, published by Taylor and Francis, and founded the listserve for discussion on polar current affairs Polarpol (http://lists.canterbury.ac.nz/mailman/listinfo/polarpol). She is a specialist in Chinese and polar politics and has authored 9 books and over 40 research papers. Research […]

Daniela Sampaio

Daniela Sampaio, Universidade de São Paulo Daniela Sampaio is a PhD student at the International Relations Institute, Universidade de São Paulo, where she is researching international cooperation in Antarctica. She holds a Masters in Sociology from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, where she lectured in the Department of Sociology and wrote her thesis on the […]

S. Zia. E. Madani

Dr S. Zia. E. Madani, Iranian National Institute for Oceanography and Atmospheric Science Dr S. Zia E. Madani is the head of the Department of Law of the Sea and Ocean Policy at the Iranian National Institute for Oceanography and Atmospheric Science and an Assistant Professor in International Law of the Sea. He has a […]

Rebecca Jarvis

Rebecca Jarvis, Auckland University of Technology Rebecca Jarvis is a PhD candidate at Auckland University of Technology studying interdisciplinary conservation science and social-ecological systems. Her research explores the interactions between environmental, social, and institutional systems in complex conservation landscapes. Her research integrates (1) network analysis to map the interactions and institutional dynamics of conservation organisations and […]

Daniela Liggett

Daniela Liggett, University of Canterbury Daniela Liggett is a senior lecturer at Gateway Antarctica (The University of Canterbury) and is currently the co-chair of the SCAR Humanities and Social Sciences Expert Group. She is particularly interested in qualitative research, which crosses different disciplines and challenges conventional research paradigms. Daniela’s research interests include environmental management and tourism regulation in […]