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Jianye Tang

Jianye Tang, Shanghai Ocean University Dr. TANG Jianye is a professor at Shanghai Ocean University in China. He has been focusing himself since 2010 on research about polar law and policy relating to marine living resources. He has been involved extensively in Antarctic and Artic meetings, including CCAMLR Annual meeting since 2010 and six rounds […]

Claudia Andrea Silva

Claudia Silvia, Universidad del Salvador (Argentina); FLACSO Argentina Claudia Silva is a Doctoral Candidate on International Relations at Universidad del Salvador.She obtained a Master in Public Administration degree (with honors) from Harvard University, an Expert Diploma on Evaluation of Public Policy from Sevilla University and a degree in Economics from Argentine Catholic University (UCA). She […]

Patrick Flamm

Patrick Flamm, Victoria University of Wellington Patrick Flamm is Lecturer in International Relations at the School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations at Victoria University of Wellington. His research interests are identity and foreign policy, South Korean foreign policy, territorial disputes, Antarctic politics as well as global environmental politics and the Anthropocene in […]

Waldemar Fontes

Waldemar Fontes, Uruguayan Antarctic Institute & Uruguayan Antarctic Association “Antarkos” Center of Studies Waldemar Fontes has been working in Antarctic related fields since 1999. He was the Commander of the Uruguayan Scientific Base Artigas in the winters of 2000, 2007 and also 2009, and was a Member of the Board of the Uruguayan Antarctic Institute […]

Paolo Botta

Paolo Botta, Universidad Católica Argentina Paulo Botta obtained a degree on International Relations at Cordoba Catholic University (Córdoba, Argentina). After that he studied at the Arabic Language Centre in Cairo (Egypt) and obtained his Ph.D. at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Carolina Foundation, Doctorate Fellowships Programme). In 2007 he joined FRIDE (Madrid, Spain), before that he […]

Julián Kelly

Julián Kelly, Universidad Nacional de Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur (Argentina)   Julián Kelly is a PhD candidate at Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO Argentina Campus). He also is a Lecturer and researcher at the Institute of Culture, Society and State, at the National University of Tierra del Fuego. Research projects/ […]

Vishnu Namboodiri

K. M. Vishnu Namboodiri, Mar Thoma College Thiruvalla K. M. Vishnu Namboodiri is presently the Head of Department of History at Mat Thoma College Thiruvalla, India. He has a deeply routed interest in environmental conservation and studying the history of the same. His area of specialization is regional history, policy-making processes and tourism prospect analysis. […]

Ingo Heidbrink

Ingo Heidbrink, Old Dominion University Ingo Heidbrink worked mainly in the field of fisheries and whaling history before becoming interested in Antarctic history and governance. Having worked with various maritime museums he is especially interested in the interface between the scientific community and the general public. His research focuses on the industrial heritage of Antarctica, […]

Yelena Yermakova

Yelena Yermakova, University of Oslo Yelena Yermakova holds an undergraduate degree is in Political Science from UCLA. She was recently awarded an MPA from Cornell University where she focused on the the Arctic region and the obstacles it faces in light of climate change. Currently (2018), as part of her Doctoral dissertation, she is developing a series of essays on […]

Jiangtian Xu

Jiangtian Xu, University of East Anglia     Jiangtian Xu, who has a Master of Public Policy from the Korea Development Institute School and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Macau, is currently a PhD student at the University of East Anglia undertaking research on the EU’s External Civil Aviation Policy.  He is one […]

Julia Jabour

Julia Jabour, University of Tasmania Dr Julia Jabour is leader of the Ocean & Antarctic Governance Research Program at IMAS. She has been researching, writing and lecturing on polar governance for more than 20 years. Most of her teaching and research is trans-disciplinary, combing law, policy and international relations. Julia has visited Antarctica six times, and […]

Sune Tamm

Sune Tamm, University of Akureyri Research projects/ interests Icelandic Engagement in the Antarctic Treaty Inspections For publications visit: https://is.linkedin.com/in/sunetamm or get in touch. Keywords: Antarctic Treaty System, Iceland

Lindsay Arthur Tamm

Lindsay Arthur Tamm, University of Akureyri Research projects/ interests Polar Law Good Governance in the Antarctic Treaty System Icelandic Accession to the Madrid Protocol  For publications visit: https://jp.linkedin.com/in/lindsaytamm or get in touch. Keywords: Governance, Antarctic Treaty System, Law, Madrid Protocol, Iceland

Renuka Badhe

Renuka Badhe, European Polar Board Dr. Renuka Badhe currently serves as the Executive Secretary of the European Polar Board, and is based in the Netherlands. Her background is in economics and public policy, and she holds a PhD on southern ocean phytoplankton physiology. Renuka has worked with a range international organisations on various aspects of polar […]

Maozeng Jiang

Maozeng Jiang, University of New South Wales     Maozeng Jiang is a PhD student at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia, he is based in the UNSW Canberra campus. He received a Master’s Degree in Environmental Law from the Ocean University of China in 2014. His particular interests are to investigate the […]

Nengye Liu

Nengye Liu, University of Adelaide Dr Nengye Liu is a Senior Lecturer at the Adelaide Law School, University of Adelaide from 2017. He was educated in Wuhan University (China, LLB and LLM) and Ghent University (Belgium, Doctor of Law). Prior to moving to Adelaide, he had worked in China, Singapore, Germany, United Kingdom and NSW. Dr Liu […]

Luis Valentín Ferrada-Walker

Luis Valentín Ferrada-Walker, University of Chile (Santiago) Luis Valentín Ferrada-Walker teaches International Law in the Law Faculty, University of Chile, and in other Chilean universities. He received his PhD on Law in October 2015 from the University of Chile. His doctoral thesis “Jurisdicción y medio ambiente en el Sistema del Tratado Antártico” (“Jurisdiction and environment […]

Jeff McGee

Jeff McGee, University of Tasmania Dr Jeff McGee is the Senior Lecturer in Climate Change, Marine and Antarctic Law at the University of Tasmania. As an international lawyer with dual areas of expertise, he divides his time between the Faculty of Law and the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies. Dr McGee’s research is focused […]

Ignacio Javier Cardone

Ignacio Javier Cardone, International Relations Institute of the University of São Paulo (IRI-USP, Brazil) Ignacio Cardone is a PhD Student at the International Relations Institute of the University of São Paulo (IRI-USP, Brazil) where he works researching the process of Antarctic Regime Formation. In February 2015 he received a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the […]

Ashley Meredith

Ashley Meredith, University of Tampa Ashley lectures at the University of Tampa and St. Petersburg College. Concurrently, she collaborates with the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce on tourism policy and development in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her research focuses on resident and visitor perceptions of the city including the relevance of local and global contexts. She […]

Gabriela Roldan

Gabriela Roldan, Gateway Antarctica, University of Canterbury Gabriela Roldan is a PhD candidate at Gateway Antarctica, the Centre for Antarctic Research and Studies at the University of Canterbury (NZ). Gabriela’s work focuses on the Antarctic Gateway cities of: Cape Town (South Africa), Christchurch (New Zealand), Hobart (Australia), Punta Arenas (Chile) and Ushuaia (Argentina) and the […]

Juan José Lucci

Juan José Lucci, Agenda Antártica Juan José Lucci graduated with a degree in Political Science and International Studies from Torcuato Di Tella University and obtained his master’s degree in economics from San Andrés University. Since 2008, he has been an advisor within the National Congress of Argentina, serving on both the Foreign Affairs and Natural […]

Alan Hemmings

Alan Hemmings, Independent Scholar in Perth (Western Australia) &  University of Canterbury Alan D. Hemmings is a Perth-based specialist on Antarctic governance and an Adjunct Associate Professor at Gateway Antarctica Centre for Antarctic Studies and Research at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. His Antarctic experience includes time south with the British, French and New […]

Nils Vanstappen

Nils Vanstappen, University of Leuven   Nils Vanstappen is a PhD student in Law at the KU Leuven. He completed his studies at the same university, writing his master’s thesis on the topic of jurisdiction over Antarctica’s continental shelf. At the KU Leuven, Nils works at the Centre for Global Governance studies, where he is […]