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Leslie Carol Roberts

Leslie Carol Roberts, California College of the Arts I’m American and first went to Antarctica in 1988 as a journalist on a Greenpeace ship. I lived on the sea and in the region for more than three months. I have been back to Antarctica twice since. As a writer, I work to understand our changing […]

Ellen C Frye

Ellen C. Frye, William Paterson University of New Jersey   Dr. Ellen Cressman Frye studied for her undergraduate major in Spanish at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA, graduating with honors, then completed her doctoral work in the literature of Spain at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, sub-specializing in early modern Peninsular […]

Elizabeth Lewis Williams

Elizabeth Lewis Williams, University of East Anglia I am currently working on a Creative Critical PhD which considers the particular nature of the Antarctic as a place, and how this might best be represented poetically. The creative element of the project is a series of linked poetic sequences exploring the experience of being a scientist living and […]