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Katie Marx

Katie Marx, University of Tasmania     Katie is a PhD candidate at the University of Tasmania studying inclusive community engagement within the ‘Gateway’ or ‘Custodial’ cities. With a background in social services and participatory design, Katie aims to explore how community development approaches can be applied in an Antarctic context to foster diverse and collaborative […]

Daniella McCahey

Daniella McCahey, University of Idaho Daniella McCahey is a Lecturer in the History Department at the University of Idaho, where she teaches courses on the history of science and the history of modern Europe. She received her PhD from the University of California, Irvine in 2018 for research on the history of science in the […]

Kimberley Norris

Kimberley Norris, University of Tasmania Kimberley Norris is a Clinical Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Tasmania. Her overarching research interests focus on human adaptation, health, behaviour and performance in both normal and extreme environments. Kimberley is the consultant clinical psychologist for the Australian Antarctic Division, and Associate Member of the SCAR-COMNAP […]

Waldemar Fontes

Waldemar Fontes, Uruguayan Antarctic Institute & Uruguayan Antarctic Association “Antarkos” Center of Studies Waldemar Fontes has been working in Antarctic related fields since 1999. He was the Commander of the Uruguayan Scientific Base Artigas in the winters of 2000, 2007 and also 2009, and was a Member of the Board of the Uruguayan Antarctic Institute […]

Natalia Jaramillo Machuca

Natalia Jaramillo Machuca, Instituto Universidad de Los Andes/ Colombian Antarctic Program Natalia is a Historian from the National University of Colombia (2011), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and aircraft pilot, and is finishing a Master´s degree in Geography at the Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia). She has been part of four of the five expeditions from […]

Katelyn P C Hudson

Katelyn P C Hudson, Bond University Katelyn Hudson is a PhD candidate at Bond University in Queensland, Australia with a previous Doctor of Architecture from the University of Hawaii at Manoa (2013). Her research focuses on the evolution human behavioural patterns within architectural interventions specific to extreme environments. This centres on the concept of biophilic design, […]

Vishnu Namboodiri

K. M. Vishnu Namboodiri, Mar Thoma College Thiruvalla K. M. Vishnu Namboodiri is presently the Head of Department of History at Mat Thoma College Thiruvalla, India. He has a deeply routed interest in environmental conservation and studying the history of the same. His area of specialization is regional history, policy-making processes and tourism prospect analysis. […]

Paola Barros Delben

Paola Barros Delben, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Research projects/ interests Psychology For publications visit: https://www.facebook.com/barrosdelben or get in touch. Keywords: Psychology, Humanities  

Emmanuelle Sultan

Emmanuelle Sultan, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle As a physical oceanographer, my research work focused mainly on the study of the Southern Ocean and the abiotic environment of the East Antarctic ecosystem from 1994 to 2013 from top to bottom, with a strong interdisciplinary and field dimension. The diagnostic of the global change and its impact […]

Book on Antarctica and the Humanities

Peder Roberts, Adrian Howkins, and Lize-Marié Van der Watt’s new book Antarctica and the Humanities presents the convincing argument that the continent for peace and science is also a continent for the humanities. The book is published by Palgrave MacMillan, and includes chapters from a range of HASSEG members. The publisher describes Antarctica and the […]

Ben Maddison

Ben Maddison, University of Wollongong Ben Maddison has a background in labour, colonial and working class history. His work is grounded in critical Marxism, and often revolves around the conceptual twins, commodification and the commons. His book Class and Colonialism in Antarctic Exploration, 1750-1920 (Pickering and Chatto, 2014) is a ‘history from below’ of Antarctic […]

Innovative Engagement Strategies

One of the themes that came through at the SCAR Open Science Conference in Auckland was the need for better communication, both with the public and between disciplines. There is a growing awareness that people do not act based on facts alone, but rather that culture also has a role to play. The role of […]

Expert Group Status

The SCAR Social Sciences Action Group has recently been granted Expert Group status within SCAR. At the SCAR delegates meeting in Auckland in August 2014, an application was made to elevate the status of the group from an action group to an expert group, based on previous activities and records. That application was positively received […]

SCAR focus on. . . . Humanities

The SCAR December Newsletter included a report of the Social Sciences Action Group participation at the SCAR OSC Portland 2012 This year’s SCAR Open Science Conference (OSC) in Portland, Oregon, marked  the first OSC for the SCAR Social Sciences Action Group (SSAG) to run its own sessions. Dedicated to transpolar social sciences, one of these […]