Kimberley Norris

Kimberley Norris, University of Tasmania

Kimberley Norris is a Clinical Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Tasmania. Her overarching research interests focus on human adaptation, health, behaviour and performance in both normal and extreme environments. Kimberley is the consultant clinical psychologist for the Australian Antarctic Division, and Associate Member of the SCAR-COMNAP Joint Expert Group on Human Biology and Medicine.

        • Research projects/ interests
          • Human adaptation, health, behaviour and performance in Antarctica
          • Use of Climate and Weather Information: Risk perception and decision-making in Antarctica
          • Interdisciplinary research in human behaviour and performance in Antarctica, space, and space analogues
  Keywords: Psychology, Humanities, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Environment, Values, extreme environments, adaptation, performance, human behaviour, resilience

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