Jithin Sankar.N

Jithin Sankar.N, NSS Hindu College, Changanacherry

Jithin Sankar.N is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History, NSS Hindu College, Changanacherry, Kerala, India FROM 2013 onwards. He is perusing his research degree (PhD) from Research Department of History, University of Kerala. He is also a recipient of the Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) instituted by the University Grants Commission, Ministry of Human Resource Development; Government of India in the year 2012. His areas of competency include Environmental History, Environmental degradation and Ecological sustainability. Jithin Sankar teach environmental history for masters students with special emphasis on Pre historic environment and climate changes in Indian subcontinent. He was one of the organizers of South Indian History Congress environmental history chair held at Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala in the year 2013..Jithin Sankar.N also contributed to the area of geographic and spatial History. He was the Principal Investigator of a minor project on the topic Hilly worship and cultural changes, funded by University Grants Commission and submitted in the year 2016. He is specifically interested in enhancing Antarctic research and expeditions to the grass route levels of academic community including among students by incorporating the global theoretical framework of contestations over nature from micro to macro level.

        • Research projects/ interests
          • Anthropology
          • Literature
          • Environment
          • History
          • Humanities
Keywords: History, Geography and spatial History Conservation of Historic Sites and Monuments, Environmental History, Contestations over nature

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