Raul Kleber de Souza Boeno

Raul Kleber de Souza Boeno, Brazilian Army

Ph.D in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies Researcher (University of Lisbon), Political and Social Management of Risks and Emergency Situations (ENPC/Espanha) and Strategic Intelligence (ESG/Argentina). Researcher at the Laboratory of Defense Studies (ECEME) (http://dgp.cnpq.br/dgp/espelhogrupo/6027366679937474). Research the securitization of climate change and the militarization of disasters. He is currently Chief of the Strategic Studies Advisory Office of the 5th Army Division (Brazilian).

        • Research projects/ interests
          • Polar Governance
          • Climate change
          • Disasters Risk Reduction
          • Climate deterrence
          • Environmental Management
          • Geopolitics
  • For publications visit: please get in touch.
Keywords: Climate change, Securitization, Conflicts, Climate deterrence

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