Cornelia Lüdecke

Cornelia Lüdecke, Universität Hamburg

Cornelia Lüdecke is a professor for history of natural sciences at the University of Hamburg (Germany). She established the SCAR History Action Group in 2004, which became an Expert Group in 2011. She is interested in the history of German polar research in general and in historical meteorological data from polar regions in particular. International co-operation, interdisciplinary aspects as well as polar heritage in connection with tourism are also of special interest. Recent books include Deutsche in der Antarktis (2015: Christoph Links); with Colin Summerhayes: The Third Reich in Antarctica (2012: Erskine Press and Bluntisham Books); Amundsen (2011: Herder); and with Susan Barr: The History of the International Polar Years (IPYs) (2010: Springer).

Research projects/ interests

  • Various aspects of the first German South-polar Expedition (1901-1903)
  • Polar exploration
  • Antarctic tourism and polar heritage
  • International co-operation during the Heroic Age
  • Development of polar meteorology
  • Interdisciplinary aspects of polar research
  • Biographies of polar researchers

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Keywords: History, Exploration, German polar research, Polar heritage, Meteorology, Interdisciplinary research, Biographies

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