Meredith Nash

Meredith Nash, University of Tasmania

Meredith Nash is the Deputy Director of the Institute for the Study of Social Change and Senior Lecturer in Sociology. Her feminist sociological research is innovative and multi-dimensional and for the last 10 years, she has uniquely contributed to her fields of expertise by identifying the depth and enduring character of gender-based inequalities. Her polar work focuses on gendered barriers for women working in Australian Antarctic research and remote fieldwork. She also studies leadership for women in STEMM through the lens of Homeward Bound, a leadership program for women that culminates in a voyage to Antarctica.

Research projects/ interests

  • Gender in Antarctic science
  • STEMM leadership
  • Resilience/well-being of Antarctic scientists
  • Sexual harassment in STEMM

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Keywords: Gender, Identity, Equity, Leadership, Human geography, Sociology

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