Rebecca Priestley

Rebecca Priestley, Victoria University, Wellington

Rebecca Priestley is an associate professor and co-leader of the Science in Society group at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. She has degrees in earth sciences, history of science, and creative writing. She visited Antarctica three times between 2011 and 2018, on media and education & outreach programmes, and has written magazine articles, blog posts, and a book about Antarctica, with a particular focus on Antarctic paleoclimate research. She teaches online courses about Antarctic science and culture through Victoria University and edX and her most recent book is Dispatches from Continent Seven: an anthology of Antarctic science. An Antarctic memoir, completed as part of an MA in creative writing in 2017, is due for publication in 2019

        • Research projects/ interests
          • Science history of Antarctica, particularly in the Ross Dependency
          • Antarctic science communication now and through the 20th century
          • Public engagement with Antarctic science
          • Antarctic climate change communication
          • Scientists’ writings about Antarctica
Keywords: History of science, public engagement with science, science communication, creative non-fiction, online learning, climate change communication

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