Pedro Marques Quinteiro

Pedro Marques Quinteiro, William James Center for Research, ISPA- Instituto Universitário, Lisboa, Portugal.

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at WJCR, ISPA- Instituto Universitário, where I coordinate two international research projects on Antarctica Science Teams (ETeA I, ETeA II). Both projects are funded by the Portuguese Polar Program and regard the study of teamwork effectiveness during Antarctic summer campaigns. Besides these projects, I also coordinate another research project on team adaptation in Firefighter Extraction Teams, funded by the Portuguese Science Foundation. Finally, I am part of two research projects on team leadership and team learning in Naval Officers Teams.

Research projects/ interests

  • Teamwork in antarctica science teams (e.g., ETeA, two projects funded by the Portuguese Polar Program)
  • Team adaptation;
  • Team leadership.

For publications visit this site or get in touch.

Keywords: Organizational Psychology, Teamwork in extreme environments.

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