Astrid Surmatz


Astrid Surmatz, University of Amsterdam

Astrid Surmatz is a tenured assistant professor in the Humanities at Amsterdam University. Her research connects the Humanities with the History of Science and discovery. Her publications and lectures cover cultural transfer, early discoveries by Linnaeus, depictions of Lapland, the Arctic and Antarctic across media, e.g. film, literature, travel accounts, museums, objects, but also thrillers, comics, children´s literature and digital media. She is especially interested in aspects of colonialism, post-colonialism, ethnicity and gender, but also in modes of description and differences between discourses in the fields of science, humanities and especially cultural and social science focussing on media and literature. Travel accounts, depictions of expeditions and travel in the High North are one of her core interests. The more recent formations about climate change and its representation in various forms also belong to her area of expertise. Transnational and transdisciplinary cooperation are central for her work. She is a Fellow of the Linnean Society, London, a member of the Concurrences network at Linnaeus University. She was a member of arcdisk in Tromsø, and until recently of the APECS committee an, the Board of IRSCL.  During her time as a visiting professor at Linnaeus university she founded the CHILLL network (2008-2012). She is on the Board of a book series on cognition at Benjamins and co-edits one at Winter. In 2016 she was made a member of the Vossius Vossius Center for History of Humanities and Sciences in Amsterdam.

  • Research Interests
    • Arctic and Antarctic expeditions
    • History of science
    • Cultural sciences of the High North
    • History of Arctic and Antarctic discovery
    • Postcolonialism
    • Climate change

Antarctic History, Arctic History, History of Science, Cultural Studies, Climate Change, Postcolonialism

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