Arnaud Humbert

Arnaud Humbert, University of Canterbury

Arnaud Humbert is a Global Marketing Senior Executive, an Explorer and a Fine Art Photographer. Member of the Explorers Club, Arnaud is a Graduated Mechanical Engineer (HEI Lille, France), holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced International Relations (CEDS Paris, France) and an Executive MBA in General Management & Strategy (HEC Paris, France).

Arnaud is currently working towards a PhD in Antarctic Studies at Gateway Antarctica (University of Canterbury, New-Zealand), focusing on visual representations of Antarctica in Contemporary Art. He is particularly interested in Antarctic visual culture, and qualitative researches based on multidisciplinary approaches.

  • Research Interests
    • Values and societal issues
    • Cultural Studies, Art and Humanities
    • Polar governance, Antarctic Treaty System and geopolitics
    • Antarctica exploration history and heritage
  • Current PhD research:
     Visual representations of Antarctica in contemporary art: towards a societal paradigm shift?
    Over the past century Antarctica has been a fertile source of inspiration for explorers, scientists, writers and artists who have endeavored to define and describe this vast white continent. The last 30 years have particularly seen an increasing interest in Antarctica as a playground for contemporary art practice, through artists’ independent projects but also the establishment of residency programs or governmental-related initiatives.
    This PhD research project will aim to understand how fine art actors can mobilize on Antarctic societal issues and through their artwork, create awareness and implement concrete solutions. It will contribute as well to demonstrate that visual studies and social sciences concepts can both lead to new paradigms regarding the fundamental knowledge of Antarctica and the societal questions associated to it.
    Antarctica, Visual Culture, Fine Arts, Societal issues, Values, Polar exploration, Photography

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