APECS Workshop: Communicating Across Borders

Communicating Across Borders In today’s research climate, communication is an important skill. Researchers need to be able to not only communicate with colleagues in the same area, but with those from very different backgrounds, and the wider public. This session addresses the challenges associated with “communicating across borders” – such borders may be disciplinary, geographic, or between areas such as science and policy. An invited panel of international and local mentors will present short talks about their experiences communicating with various audiences, followed by a panel discussion with questions from the floor. The second half of the workshop involves practical activities related to writing effective project proposals and exploring ways to foster interdisciplinary approaches. A range of opportunities, including fellowships, for early career researchers will also be introduced. This workshop is open to all polar early career researchers. Delegates to the 2017 Depths and Surfaces Conference and local PhD candidates are both encouraged to attend. Please register for the workshop via this link.