Renuka Badhe

Renuka Badhe, European Polar Board

Dr. Renuka Badhe currently serves as the Executive Secretary of the European Polar Board, and is based in the Netherlands. Her background is in economics and public policy, and she holds a PhD on southern ocean phytoplankton physiology. Renuka has worked with a range international organisations on various aspects of polar science, policy and/or strategy development. Her current responsibilities include serving as a Chair of EU-PolarNet project’s External Expert Advisory Board, and service on many national and international committees. She is particularly interested in promoting polar research to a wide audience using a variety of traditional and non-traditional communication tools, and projects looking at the interface between governance, science, and policy in the polar regions.

Research projects/ interests
  • European polar community
  • Polar governance
  • Polar science
  • Polar policy
  • Interface between governance, science, and policy in the polar region
For publications visit: or get in touch. Keywords: Polar Policy, Science/Policy interface, Polar Governance, Europe, Arctic, Antarctic


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