Mikå Mered

Mikå Mered, Cluster Polaire


Mr. Mikå Mered is an adjunct lecturer at the Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Finland) on Arctic geo-economics, CEO of the French Polar Cluster, and external expert to the European Commission’s Research Executive Agency on the Arctic. Mikå’s research is dedicated to Arctic and Antarctic governance, political economy, market and security scenario-planning. He is particularly interested in behavioralism applied to political economy and international relations, as a tool to craft development and security scenarios for the Arctic and Antarctic regions. He also currently leads a global study on the political and financial transparency of Arctic and Antarctic think tanks, for the Brussels-based European Think Tanks Observatory.

Research projects/ interests
  • Antarctic geo-economics: market and policy forecasting (energy, mining, tourism and infrastructure)
  • The Antarctic continent-sea-space security continuum
  • Antarctic governance and territorial claims
  • Formal/informal law-making, soft law and the influence of lobbies

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Keywords: Geo-economics, market analysis and forecasting, security, geopolitics, governance, influence of lobbies.

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