Lisa Roberts

Lisa Roberts, University of Technology Sydney

    Lisa Roberts is a Visiting Fellow in the UTS Faculty of Science and a Visiting Scientist (a.k.a. Artist)  at the Australian Antarctic Division (Krill Biology). She received her PhD in October 2010 from the University of New South Wales for research into how animation can be used for combining scientific data and subjective responses to Antarctica. Current work is collaborating with scientists and other artists to develop the Oceanic Living Data installation, which, like a scientific model, evolves to reflect new knowledge of human relationships to a changing natural world. Specifically, Lisa is a visual artist and interactive author with expertise in animating data and gestures of relationship. Since childhood she has danced and drawn the primal forms that she knows from practice of German expressionist dance, and from working with scientists as an artist in Antarctica.

Research projects/ interests

  • Human relationships to the Antarctic
  • Art-science collaborations
  • Dance
  • Drawing
  • Animation
For publications visit: click here or get in touch. Keywords: Creative Arts, Performing Arts, Interdisciplinarity.

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