SCAR Strategic Plan: Comments Sought

As SCAR’s current Strategic Plan expires at the end of 2016, efforts are underway for the development of a new plan to meet the future needs of SCAR in the period 2017-2022.

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As it was approved in the last SCAR Delegates Meeting, we have been working to develop a new strategic plan, under the guidance of the SCAR Executive Committee, Chief Officers, staff, and several other leaders within the organization.

This next Strategic Plan is intended to be reviewed yearly by the SCAR Executive Committee and Chief Officers, and is to be a living document – remaining relevant to SCAR’s changing needs in the period 2017-2022. The goal is to streamline the plan and make it short, succinct, direct, and purposeful. One of the main outcomes of the Strategic Plan meeting (held in conjunction with the SCAR ExCom 2015 meeting) was to focus on communication and strengthening SCAR, under the auspices of the SCAR Antarctic Science Horizon Scan. Thus the vision for the next SCAR Strategic Plan is:

SCAR’s vision is to be an engaged, active, forward-looking organization that promotes, facilities, and delivers scientific excellence and evidence-based policy advice on globally significant issues that are relevant to Antarctica.

The current version (available on the SCAR website) has been through several iterations by the Strategic Plan Team and many national delegates, leaders of SCAR groups, and SCAR partners have provided feedback. We hope that you will find the document useful to enhance and communicate SCAR’s mission and carry out its goals for years to come.

We are now seeking feedback from the full SCAR community as we work to further refine the plan. Please provide specific comments to SCAR’s Executive Director by 6 June 2016.