Carol Devine

Carol Devine

East Pole Carol Devine

Carol Devine is a global health professional, researcher and writer.  Carol advises Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Canada and The Museum of AIDS in Africa (South Africa). For MSF she was the past Access to Essential Medicines Campaigner, Communications Director and Program Manager and Humanitarian Affairs Officer in Rwanda and Southern Sudan. Carol recently co-authored a cultural history book The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning (HarperCollins 2015) based on a civilian international ecological expedition she lead with The Russian Antarctic Expedition in 1996.  She has a growing interest in health and climate in the circumpolar regions and has written for the Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health newsletter “Circumpolar Health: Vanishing red willow bark in Nunavut and reindeer pasture in Norway are relevant to circumpolar health concerns, responses, innovation and potential collaboration” and presented in the competitive new category Innovations in Communicating Antarctic Science at the SCAR Open Science Conference in New Zealand, 2014. Carol lectured on her Antarctic clean up experience and contrasted the Antarctic Treaty and the Svalbard Treaty while on a Clean Up Svalbard project in Sept 2015. She is currently creating a database and map of Antarctic place names named for or after women and presented a prototype map at the SCAR History, Humanities & Social Sciences Workshop in Colorado, 2015.

Memberships include APECS, Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health, Society of Women Geographers, Linking Tourism & Conservation (LT&C) and PEN Canada.

        • Research projects/ interests
          • Exploration and geopolitics in the polar regions
          • Cultural history in the polar regions
          • Antarctic environment and protection
          • Circumpolar health
          • Global health
          • Antarctic history
          • Pollution in the polar regions
          • Science communication
          • Antarctic cultural history mapping
  • For publications visit: or get in touch.
Keywords: Geopolitics, Polar History, Cultural History, Circumpolar Health, Environment, Climate Change, Science Communication

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