Jeff McGee

Jeff McGee, University of Tasmania

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Dr Jeff McGee is the Senior Lecturer in Climate Change, Marine and Antarctic Law at the University of Tasmania. As an international lawyer with dual areas of expertise, he divides his time between the Faculty of Law and the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies. Dr McGee’s research is focused on providing strategies through international law and institutions by which humanity can better respond to climate change in the Anthropocene. Merging scientific knowledge with public understanding and innovative and effective policy design regarding climate change and its consequences is his key objective. He completed his PhD in Environment and Geography at Macquarie University and has a Master of Environmental Studies. He was a partner in a successful legal practice in NSW and a senior legal advisor to the Federal Government for ten years prior to commencing his academic career. His work is widely published in leading international journals in the fields of international environmental law, global environmental governance and climate change policy.         Keywords: international environmental  law, global environmental governance, climate change.

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