Akiho Shibata

Akiho Shibata, Kobe University

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Akiho Shibata is professor of international law at Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies (GSICS), Kobe University in Japan. He has written extensively in the fields of Antarctic Treaty system, international environmental law, and international law-making process in both English and Japanese, including “Japan and 100 Years of Antarctic Legal Order: Any Lessons for the Arctic?” in Yearbook of Polar Law, Vol. 7 (2015). He was a legal advisor (2002-2010) to the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on polar and environmental legal affairs and attended several Antarctic and environmental diplomatic conferences as a member of the Japanese delegation.

          • Research projects/ interests
            • Whaling in the Antarctic (ICJ judgment)
            • Arctic regime-making
            • International environmental regime-making
            • Customary international law
            • The Antarctic Treaty System
  Keywords: Environmental Management, Antarctic Treaty, Arctic, International Law, International Environmental Law, Whaling, Geopolitics

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