Ashley Meredith

Ashley Meredith, University of Tampa

Ashley lectures at the University of Tampa and St. Petersburg College. Concurrently, she collaborates with the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce on tourism policy and development in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her research focuses on resident and visitor perceptions of the city including the relevance of local and global contexts. She came into practice in Hawai’i and Alaska. Ashley takes particular interest in qualitative research at the site of resident-visitor interactions. Her research interests include socio-environmental policy in extreme and sensitive environments of the Pacific Islands and Antarctica.

  • Research Interests
    • Human-environmental relations
    • Visual/media Anthropology
    • Pacific and Antarctic Anthropology/Cultural studies
    • Global-local policy impacts on communities
    • Anthropology of travel and tourism
    • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Publications:
    • 2013     Amanda Alexander, F. Alejandro Montiel-Ishino, Ashley Meredith, Joseph A. Evans. “Transdisciplinary Preservation Project of Andean Cultural Heritage.” The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum 5(4):1-8. Peer Reviewed.
    • 2010    Ashley Meredith. Imaging and Imaginings of Hawaiianness in the Contemporary Hawaiian Islands. MA Thesis. University of Alaska Fairbanks.
    • 2010    Ashley Meredith and David Fazzino. “Imaging and Imaginings of Hawaiian Identity: Cultural Sustainability on the Island of Hawai`i”. The International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability. 6(5): 161-176. Peer Reviewed.
Keywords: anthro-environmental tourism policy, human-environment-tourism interactions, underwater cultural heritage, SIDS, tourism as communication, anthropology, nationalism, decision-making, Pacific/Antarctic tourism and governance  

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