Gary Steel

Dr Gary Steel, Lincoln University


Gary Steel (BA(Hons) (VicBC) MA PhD (BrCol)) is a senior lecturer at Lincoln University, New Zealand, and an Adjunct Senior Fellow at Gateway Antarctica, The University of Canterbury. He has a particular interest in psychological adaptation and adjustment to extreme and unusual environments, and has worked with Antarctica New Zealand, preparing field staff for their time at Scott Base. Gary is a long-time member of SCAR and is currently serving on two of its groups: the Humanities and Social Sciences Expert Group, and the Joint Expert Group on Human Biology and Medicine. His most recent work has focused on the connection between environmental behaviours and values in Antarctic field researchers.

        • Research projects/ interests
        • Values in decision-making
        • Psychological adaptation and adjustment to extreme and unusual environments (isolated, monotonous, and/or physically challenging)
        • Place attachment, social networks, and the effects of traumatic stress on behaviour and well-being
        • Innovation and personality
        •  Motivation and physical activity
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Keywords: Psychology, Values, Extreme and Unusual Environments

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