Jane Verbitsky

Jane Verbitsky, Auckland University of Technology

Dr Jane Verbitsky is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader Conflict Resolution in the School of Social Sciences & Public Policy at AUT in Auckland. Her interests are focused particularly on Antarctic politics and governance, trans-national policy within the ATS, regime efficacy, and Antarctica’s status as a commons area. Another set of Antarctic research interests lies in cosmopolitan democracy, environmental justice, and just sustainability and how these theoretical frameworks can be applied in the context of Antarctic governance.

  • Research projects/ interests
    • Antarctica, governance and politics
    • Antarctic tourism policy
    • Polar geopolitics
    • Environmental justice, just sustainability, cosmopolitan democracy and cosmocracy & their potential application to Antarctic governance
    • The ATS as a regime
    • The ATS and democratization
    • The ATS-UN relationship
    • Antarctica and science diplomacy
  Keywords:  Law, Politics, Polar Governance, Policy, Political Theory.

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