Nils Vanstappen

Nils Vanstappen, University of Leuven


Nils Vanstappen is a PhD student in Law at the KU Leuven. He completed his studies at the same university, writing his master’s thesis on the topic of jurisdiction over Antarctica’s continental shelf. At the KU Leuven, Nils works at the Centre for Global Governance studies, where he is engaged in an interdisciplinary group working on a research project concerning ‘global public goods, global commons and democracy’. His PhD research will tackle some of the issues raised in this research programme from a legal point of view, focusing on the issue of (prescriptive) jurisdiction for the global commons/areas beyond national jurisdiction. Nils is also working on a project, called the “Steunpunt Internationaal Vlaanderen”, dealing with questions of the impact of informal international law-making processes on Flanders, its legal order and its policies, and the accountability of such processes of informal international law-making

  • Research Interests
    • Jurisdiction for the global commons
    • Antarctic continental shelf
    • Global governance
Keywords: Law, Geopolitics, Polar Governance, Policy.  

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