David Walton

David Walton, British Antarctic Survey

Professor David Walton has been a scientist with the British Antarctic Survey for more than 40 years and has visited most parts of Antarctica. Professor Walton has written and edited six books on research in Antarctica, almost 200 peer reviewed scientific papers and 300 other publications including editorial, reviews, and popular articles on a wide range of subjects. He is the Editor in Chief of the international journal Antarctic Science, which he established in 1989. In 2006 he was the recipient of the Scientific Community of Antarctic Research (SCAR) Medal for International Scientific Coordination and has represented SCAR in many Antarctic Treaty Consultative meetings and was the Chair of SCAR’s Group of Specialists on Environmental Affairs and Conservation. At present he is the Interim Editor of the Antarctic Environments Portal and the Chief Editor of the ATCM annual reports. He has a particular interest in Antarctic policy, and in improving communication channels between a range of Antarctic researchers and the public.

  • Research projects/ interests
    • Science /Policy interactions
    • Antarctic aesthetics
    • Wilderness values
    • Human activity in the Antarctic
  Keywords:Geopolitics, Polar Governance, Policy, Environmental Management,Values

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