Gabriela Gomez Fell

Gabriela Gomez Fell, Lincoln University

Gabriela Gomez Fell is a Masters student at Lincoln University, New Zealand. She grew up in Punta Arenas, a gateway city to Antarctica, which gave her the opportunity to meet explorers and scientists from an early age. Their stories and images enticed her to get involved in Antarctic conservation. Gabriela is currently working on a project looking at New Zealand Antarctic stakeholder perspectives on Antarctic conservation through a common pool resource management lens. She has particular interests in resource management, environmental policy, ecosystem services and the conservation of natural resources, as well as human interactions with Antarctica.

  • Research projects/ interests:
    • Antarctic Conservation
    • Resource Management
    • Ecosystem services and the economic value of protected areas
    • Human Interactions with Antarctica
    • Antarctic Values
    • Global Commons
  • For publications: get in touch
  • Gomez Fell, G., Stewart, E. & Stephen, S. (2014). Stakeholder perspectives on Antarctic conservation: A common pool resource framework approach. Poster session presented at the XXXIII SCAR Biennial Meetings and Open Science Conference 2014. Auckland, New Zealand. Retrieved from
Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Policy, Values, Wilderness, Resources, Commons

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