Alessandro Antonello

Alessandro Antonello, University of Melbourne

Alessandro Antonello is a McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellow at the university of Melbourne, where he works on a project on “The contemporary history of the Southern Ocean: the challenges of marine conservation, ocean science and international order, 1950s to present.” He is a past Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Clark Honors College, University of Oregon. He received his PhD in July 2014 from the Australian National University for research on the first two decades of the Antarctic Treaty regime, covering particularly the development of nature conservation and environmental management in Antarctic science and diplomacy. More broadly, he is interested in the environmental, scientific and diplomatic aspects of Antarctic history since the Second World War, especially as they relate to broader developments in international environmental diplomacy and politics in the same period. He is currently developing new lines of research in relation to historical conceptions of Antarctic ice, the history of glaciology, and the place of geological and geophysical thinking in Antarctic history.

Keywords: History, Geopolitics, Polar Governance, Human Geography, Environmental Management.

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