Tina Tin

Tina Tin, Freelance Consultant


Tina conducted her Ph.D. research on the thickness of Antarctic sea ice at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (USA) and holds a Masters of Engineering from the University of Cambridge (UK). Over the past 10 years, she has been active in environmental advocacy and associated research. Her focus has been on Antarctica as well as on other parts of the world. Her research has focused on impacts of climate change (Europe, Canada and Antarctica), impacts of human activities in Antarctica, Antarctic wilderness values, their protection and their cultural understandings. She has worked as a freelance consultant for environmental Non-Governmental Organizations WWF and the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC). Her current interests lie in wilderness spirituality and multi-cultural understandings of the Antarctic wilderness. She is currently on an extended sabbatical and would welcome collaborations on projects on these and other issues.

  • Research projects/ interests
    • Protection of wilderness areas
    • Environmental Policy
    • Climate Change Science
    • Cultural perspectives on wilderness
  Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Wilderness, Values, Spirituality, Antarctica.

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