Emma Stewart

Emma Stewart, Lincoln University

Emma J. Stewart (MPRTM (Lincoln) PGCEd (Glamorgan) PhD (Calgary)) is a Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Parks at Lincoln University, New Zealand. She is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Tourism in Marine Environments, and has a particular interest in Polar Tourism, protected area management, and climate change. Emma has experience with both the Arctic and Antarctic regions and is a Research Associate at the Arctic Institute of North America (AINA), based in Calgary, Canada. She is also a member of the International Polar Tourism Research Network.

  • Research projects/ interests
    • Values in decision-making
    • Sustainable tourism in the polar regions
    • Tourism in indigenous settings
    • Cruise tourism
    • Resident attitudes toward tourism development
    • Climate change, vulnerability and social adaptation
    • Interpretation and Parks and Protected Area Management
  Keywords: Tourism, Environment, Polar Regions, Climate Change, Community-based Research,Parks and Protected Areas.

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