Rebecca Jarvis

Rebecca Jarvis, Auckland University of Technology

Rebecca Jarvis is a PhD candidate at Auckland University of Technology studying interdisciplinary conservation science and social-ecological systems. Her research explores the interactions between environmental, social, and institutional systems in complex conservation landscapes. Her research integrates (1) network analysis to map the interactions and institutional dynamics of conservation organisations and governance systems across large planning areas, and (2) participatory GIS tools to incorporate diverse stakeholder values in to spatial planning for more effective and inclusive conservation decision-making. Rebecca’s PhD uses New Zealand’s Hauraki Gulf as a case study.

  • Research Interests
    • Interdisciplinary conservation science
    • Social-ecological systems
    • Social network analysis
    • Conservation planning
    • Values in decision-making
    • Social sciences
    • Environmental management
    • Science-policy interface
    • Research-implementation gap
    • Science communication
Keywords: Environment, Conservation, Management, Policy, Governance, Values, Decisionmaking.

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